Federal Tax Topics

Renew Your PTIN Now for 2022 

IRS is now processing PTIN applications and renewals for 2022. Preparers must renew or register for their PTIN by December 31. The fee for applying or renewing 2022 PTINs is $35.95.

Advance Child Tax Credit Payments FAQ Update - Topic O 

IRS recently added new content to its Child Tax Credit and Advance Child Tax Credit Payments FAQs: Topic O, Returning a Payment.

Relief for FBAR Filers Affected by Natural Disasters 

FinCEN announced this week that victims of natural disasters, including the recent California wildfires, have until December 31 to file FBARs for the 2020 calendar year.

Resources for Cannabis Business Owners 

The latest issue of “A Closer Look” explains how IRS’s new Cannabis/Marijuana Initiative is helping business owners navigate complex issues surrounding this unique industry.

Estate Tax Closing Letters New User Fee 

Starting October 28, a new $67 user fee will apply to any estate that requests a closing letter for its federal estate tax return.