Stern/Mulak Advocacy Week:  January - Specific Dates TBD  


Thank you to everyone who helped plan and participated in CSEA's Stern Mulak Advocacy Week 2023!  It was a great event with key insights into the legislative tax climate from the Chief Advisors to the Senate Governance and Finance Committee and Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee.  Jennifer Tannehill of Aaron Read & Associates highlighted CSEA's advocacy success from last year and encouraged more of the same for this year.

Stern/Mulak Advocacy Week has been conducted via a series of virtual meetings since 2020.  CSEA Members meet with members of the two key tax policy Committees, the Senate Governance and Finance and Assembly Revenue and Taxation, as well as the leaders in both the Assembly and Senate, to advocate for relevant tax and administrative issues.  Participants will also have the opportunity to meet and hear updates (inside scoop!) from the top advisors to the Assembly Revenue & Taxation Committee and the Senate Governance and Finance Committee.  

Stay tuned for more details and registration for next year's event!  We are hoping for in-person visits at the Capitol!