Stern/Mulak Advocacy Week has been conducted via a series of virtual meetings since 2020.  CSEA Members meet with members of the two key tax policy Committees, the Senate Governance and Finance and Assembly Revenue and Taxation, as well as the leaders in both the Assembly and Senate, to advocate for relevant tax and administrative issues.  Participants will also have the opportunity to meet and hear updates (inside scoop!) from the top advisors to the Assembly Revenue & Taxation Committee and the Senate Governance and Finance Committee.   Please note the dates and times listed above and plan to attend!


Consider this: 100% of survey respondents said they found this event to be worth their time, that they will participate again, and they would recommend this event to other EAs!

Here’s what past participants had to say:

  • If you ever wondered what we can do, as Enrolled Agents, to get through to convey our concerns about tax laws, this is it!
  • This was the epitome of grassroots advocacy in practice, in nurturing and developing connections with legislators, continuing to ensure our visibility as tax experts available to them, and bringing forth issues that support our clients.

Join us!!