Registering for Events

Common Questions About Online Registration

Q. How do I sign into 123Signup?

A. Your User Name is your E-Mail address. If you want to use a different email address send an e-mail to:

QWhat are Promotional Codes?

A. Promotional codes are codes that provide a discount to a GGSEA Member when signing up for an event. A different promotional code will be provided for each event. Promotional codes can only be used by the GGSEA Member personally registering online. These codes can not be input by an administrator signing you up for an event.

QI used another e-mail address and created another profile. I no longer can see my promotional code.

A. Promotional codes are available only to dues paying GGSEA Members. Only administrators may assign membership to a profile. Please send an e-mail to to verify your membership.

QWhat does ‘profile’ mean?

A. Profile in 123Signup is the entire bundle of information about you including your e-mail address, Name, address, phones, etc. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER WHICH IS NOT STORED IN THE SYSTEM – EVER.

Q. Am I registered for a program or an event?

A. Sign into 123 Signup and choose the event for which you are registered. The selection line will show you whether you can register, or if you are already registered. You can modify your registration, make a payment, or cancel the registration.

If an administrator has registered you for an event you will not be able to change it. Send an e-mail to with your request