FTB March Tax News

FTB's monthly Tax News helps you stay ahead of the curve on issues that affect you and your clients. The March 2019 issue includes articles on the following topics:

  • The Combat-Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act - veterans who retired from the Armed Forces for medical reasons have additional time to claim a federal tax refund if they had taxes improperly withheld from their severance pay;
  • Married military clients - there's been a change in federal law that may affect your military clients’ tax filing position if they have a spouse who is earning income while in California;
  • Your clients may be asking you where to send the “state copy” of an information return, such as a W-2 for an employee and a 1099 to other payees;
  • Ask the Advocate - Top Power of Attorney and Tax Information Authorization rejections;
  • MyFTB Corner - Manage your Tax Information Authorization (TIA) clients in MyFTB;
  • All About Business - Schedule IW, Limited Liability Company (LLC) Income Worksheet;
  • and much more!