FTB's Top 500 Past Due Balances

FTB recently published a list of the 500 largest tax delinquencies in excess of $100,000. This includes individuals and businesses that collectively owe the state more than $169 million in income tax.
FTB mails the taxpayer a letter at least 30 days before placing the taxpayer on the list. Delinquent taxpayers on the list face an array of consequences:

  • Holders of professional or occupational licenses will have that information noted on the list, and the licenses may be suspended until the tax bill is resolved.
  • The state may suspend delinquent taxpayers’ driver’s license until the tax bill is resolved.
  • State agencies are prohibited from entering into contracts for the acquisition of goods or services with listed taxpayers.
  • FTB publishes the names and titles of principal officers of corporations on the list.