Secure Access Credentials and Authorization Upload Tool

IRS is reminding tax professionals who specialize in representation or other services that they will need a Secure Access username and password to use the new authorization form upload tool launching in January 2021. This upload tool will allow an alternative to person-to-person contact, as COVID-19 remains a threat to taxpayers and tax professionals. However, tax professionals must have a Secure Access username and password in order to access it.
Many tax professionals can use their e-Services username and password to access the “Submit Forms 2848 and 8821 Online” tool when it becomes available in mid-January. Tax professionals who do not have access to e-Services may have to register using personal tools such as Get Transcript, Online Account or Get an IP PIN.
To register for one of the personal tools, review to see what information is needed to successfully verify identities and create an account. Please note that you must request an authorization code by mail if you do not have a mobile phone in your name, which will delay the registration process.
This new upload tool will allow tax professionals to safely work with clients remotely to obtain an electronic signature and to electronically upload Forms 2848 or 8821 to IRS. The forms will be reviewed by IRS following the usual process.