IRS Suspends Mailing of Additional Letters

On January 27, IRS announced that it had suspended sending automated notices in cases where a payment had been credited to a taxpayer, but no tax return had been processed due to a backlog in processing returns.
IRS has now suspended more than a dozen additional automated taxpayer letters, including collection due notices, balance due notices, and unfiled tax return notices. These automatic notices have been temporarily stopped until the backlog is worked through. IRS will continue to assess the inventory of prior year returns to determine the appropriate time to resume the notices.
Some taxpayers and tax professionals may still receive these notices during the next few weeks. Generally, there is no need to call or respond to the notice. However, if a taxpayer or tax professional believes a notice is accurate, they should act to rectify the situation. For example, IRS cautions people with a balance due that interest and penalties can continue to accrue. In addition, IRS employees may issue notices to particular taxpayers in order to resolve specific compliance issues.
For more information and a complete list of suspended individual and business notices, click here.