IRS Awards New Private Collection Contracts

IRS has awarded new contracts to three private-sector collection agencies (PCAs) for collection of overdue tax debts. The new contracts began yesterday. Taxpayers with unpaid tax bills may be contacted by one of the following three agencies:

  • CBE Group, Inc. - Waterloo, IA
  • Coast Professional, Inc. - Albion, NY
  • ConServe - Fairport, NY

IRS will always notify a taxpayer before transferring their account to a PCA:

  • First, IRS will send a letter to the taxpayer and their tax representative informing them that their account was assigned to a PCA. and giving the PCA name and contact information. This mailing will include a copy of Publication 4518, What You Can Expect When the IRS Assigns Your Account to a Private Collection Agency.
  • Next, the PCA will send its own letter to the taxpayer and their representative confirming the account transfer. Both IRS and PCA letters will contain information that will help taxpayers identify the tax amount owed and assure taxpayers that future collection agency calls they may receive are legitimate.

Get more information here about how the PCA process works, including payment options.