Advance Child Tax Credit Payments FAQ Update

Two new topics have been added to the 2021 Child Tax Credit and Advance Child Tax Credit Payments FAQs, regarding unenrolling from advance payments and identity verification:

  • Topic J: Unenrolling from Advance Payments
    Why should I unenroll?
    What is the deadline to unenroll?
    What happens if I miss the unenrollment deadline?
    How long does it take my unenrollment to process?
    When can I re-enroll?
    If I'm married filing jointly, does my spouse also need to unenroll?
    If my spouse unenrolls and I don't unenroll, what will happen?
  • Topic K: Verifying Your Identity to Manage your Payments
    Why am I required to authenticate my identity?
    How do I authenticate my identity?
    I’m under 18 years old and was told I can’t authenticate - how do I manage my payments?
    Will retain my information?